More than 20 Years of Experience

Hi, I am Pam Padayachee

an experienced and passionate virtual assistant. I manage the administrative tasks of small and medium-sized businesses so that you, the owner can focus on your core activities.
Proper management and execution of administrative matters are vital for the sustainability and success of a business. If your administrative foundation is solid, your business will thrive.
A competent and dedicated virtual assistant will help you build and maintain a sound base that alleviates the pressure on you, the business owner. Your productivity will also increase tenfold!

You need a virtual assistant if:

Your workload feels overwhelming.
You don’t have the time or inclination for administrative tasks.
You don’t need a full-time employee to fulfil administrative tasks.
You only want to pay for work done.
You work from home and do not have space for an extra person.
You have a virtual office and work from anywhere in the world.

Four fabulous reasons to hire a virtual assistant

Cost Effective

Costs you less than a full-time employee.


Works around your schedule.


Is dedicated to the task at hand.


Shares your passion for running your own business as they do so themselves.

The qualities of an excellent virtual assistant

When hiring a virtual assistant, make sure they have the following qualities:

Exceptional communication, interpersonal and listening skills.
Organisational skills that exceed expectations.
Time management skills.
They keep your business matters private and confidential.
Reliable and dependable.

Hiring a virtual assistant is simple and makes good business sense.

Let’s see if we are a fit! Contact me today for a free 30-minute consultation in person or via Skype.