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What We Offer

We offer legal secretarial and administrative assistance to law firms so the lawyers can focus on the law.

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Formatting & Language

  • Proof reading
  • Editing
  • Formatting of documents
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  • Copy typing
  • Dictation
  • Transcription

Debt Collection

  • Soft collections
  • Litigation matters
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Social Media Management

  • Management of social media accounts and small scale advertising

Knowledge Management

  • Creation of standard documents
  • Maintaining a repository of precedents
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Project Management

  • Managing small projects from inception to completion

Who We Are

Pam Padayachee - PMV Virtual Assistants

meet the founder

Pam Padayachee

I am … firstly I am “ME”, a strong, determined, passionate and fearless woman. I’m also a wife, mother and author (Tranquility in Colour – an adult colouring in book) an entrepreneur all rolled into one! When I’m not at my desk I love baking, gardening and doing arts and crafts with my daughter. I’m a huge fan of Jay Shetty so I love getting my daily dose of motivation by watching his videos.

My burning desire to always achieve success in everything that I pursue comes from my role models, my Mum and Dad who always transformed a crisis into an Opportunity. So, I am a proud Opportunist!

Having worked in the legal industry for over 20 years, my in-depth knowledge and experience enables me to assist legal professionals in an efficient manner. My reputation for “prettifying” documents exceeds me and I often hear – “It’s like magic!”. My “eagle eye” is my superpower. My areas of expertise are formatting legal contracts and creating standard documents, legal transcription and proofreading and editing (I am the spelling and grammar police!).


PMV Virtual Assistants

PMV Virtual Assistants was born a year after Pam had her daughter, in 2009. At the time, in Pam’s “Jar of Life” work, family and play were the biggest rocks. As Denzel Washington says: “Do what you have to do, to do what you want to do.” Pam worked her full-time job and ran PMV as her “side hustle” for ten years. The year 2020 marked the beginning of a new chapter for Pam running the business full-time. Now this “side hustle” is a unique legal virtual assistant company providing specialised, efficient and cost effective legal secretarial services to small and medium sized law firms and some of the “Big Five” law firms in South Africa.

The team at PMV becomes yours and shares your vision. The team is made up of graduates and individuals who have been in the legal industry for “many moons”. Our graduates train hard and our training program makes sure that they are prepared and knowledgeable enough to handle anything you can throw at them. You get to enjoy the benefits of having a superhero for an assistant. An incredibly trained and collaborative work force = Supercharged Productivity.

They maintain high standards of quality at all times and deliver timeously. PMV believes that each client’s needs are specific and not a “one size fits all”. PMV has plans that work for everyone.

PMV Virtual Assistants


What Clients Say…

“I was able to use the services of PMV Virtual Assistants to check the references for my PhD thesis. Pam was extremely quick and efficient in the work she did and met our agreed deadline. You can trust Pam with all your house style and reference checks.”

Dr Muriel Mushariwa

Law Lecturer - University of the Witwatersrand and Employment Equity & B-BBEE consultant

“The flexibility, service and cost-effective offering of PMV Virtual Assistants has been invaluable in allowing us to build a successful legal practice. We believe that the business model of outsourcing certain services and managing our permanent headcount is a ‘win-win’ and PMV have made this very easy and we are pleased to be a client of theirs and to be building our business as they build theirs.”

Milton Osborn

Director Funds and Corporate - Osborn Wellsted Paulsen

“Pam’s services have been the solution I didn’t know I needed, but now I cannot remember life before Pam. Working with her has removed a significant admin load off my shoulders and has freed up capacity for me to take on more work. I have been immensely impressed by her work ethic, dedication and quick turnaround. it is an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

Thokozile Zambane

Founder, Kani Development Solutions

“We have used PVM Virtual Assistants for almost two years now and have found them the perfect solution for a modern business looking to reduce head count yet not sacrifice efficiency. We use PMV for a broad range of technical and also IT solutions and have found that, across the board, the work is of the highest quality. This includes: typing, document formatting, document layout arrangement, presentations, precedent development etc.

The team is available literally on a 24/7 basis, they are communicative as to turnaround times and in addition to returning the work speedily, take urgent requests and will reschedule things based on what’s happening in the business. The tax team at CMS hasn’t had even a part-time secretary other that PMV since we began operating and we have no plans to take one on board.”

Andrew Wellsted

Osborn Wellsted Paulsen


Why Us?

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24/7 Virtual Assistance

Efficient and fast turnaround times and ability to service global clients


Cost Effective

An incredibly trained workforce that does not cost an arm and a leg


Dynamic Team

A young and dynamic team who always deliver on time


Highly Skilled

Highly skilled with many years of high level legal secretarial and administrative experience

More than 20 Years Experience!

Latest News from PMV

PMV Virtual Assistants - Knowledge Exchange Program

The Knowledge Exchange Program

We believe that everyone has the potential to be successful. KEP focuses on training and upskilling graduates and creating opportunities in or out of PMV, depending on what they are passionate about. With the vast experience, skillset and leadership of the founder Pam Padayachee, we ensure and maintain consistent levels of excellence and professionalism.

Improving business processes

Improving business processes

Some thought provoking insights from our Industrial Engineering Graduate, Kyle Moodley; who is currently participating in our Knowledge Exchange...

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Get In Touch

Contact us to book a 30-minute free consultation to discuss your unique needs.

+27 (0)82 553 1687

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Pam Padayachee - PMV Virtual Assistants
PMV Virtual Assistants