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We believe that everyone has the potential to be successful. KEP focuses on training and upskilling graduates and creating opportunities in or out of PMV, depending on what they are passionate about. With the vast experience, skillset and leadership of the founder Pam Padayachee, we ensure and maintain consistent levels of excellence and professionalism.

What is it?

  • KEP focuses on empowering and guiding graduates who are seeking new opportunities.
  • We focus on developing soft skills and job readiness to ease the anxieties about the major skills gap during the transition between tertiary education and formal employment.
  • For those who are not keen on formal employment or the corporate environment, KEP also focuses on educating and mentoring on alternative ways of generating an income.
  • The key focus areas of KEP include:
    • Microsoft Office skills;
    • Computer Literacy;
    • Effective CV creation;
    • Interview readiness;
    • Time management; business writing skills and much more!

Who is this KEP for?

  • Recent graduates (legal graduates but the KEP can also benefit graduates in other fields).
  • Anyone who seeks a program to upskill themselves regardless of their background or future goals.
PMV Virtual Assistants - Knowledge Exchange Program

Learning outcomes of the program

  • To create like-minded young professionals.
  • To uplift South Africa’s youth in an environment built for learning.
  • To educate people on alternative ways of earning an income which are different to traditional employment.
  • To create individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Pam is the Founder and Owner of PMV Virtual Assistants. She brings over two decades of experience to her current role where she is dedicated to train an incredible work force and create alternative career paths for the youth of South Africa. She's passionate about driving law firm efficiencies. Pam believes in working smart, not hard – Case Closed!

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