Are you managing your tasks and having productive days?

by 2 Oct, 2020Task Management

In recent conversations, I keep hearing a common theme, which is:

“I am so busy during the day, but I can’t really account for what I’ve done.”

I call this getting caught up in the “noise”, it’s this noise that keeps one so busy.

The noise can range from being continuously distracted by social media, calls or trying to achieve more than is humanly possible in one day.

Why is task management so important?

  • It makes your work more efficient
  • Brings focus to your job
  • Keeps your organisation organised

Task management can take the form of a handwritten to-do list in a notebook, calendar entries and software. It just depends on the type of person that you are. Maybe you are one of those people that likes to write things down and likes the feeling of ticking or ruling out as tasks are completed, to give you that sense of achievement. Whatever your preference, task management is of utmost importance.

As a virtual assistant working for more than one client, what helps me, is if I prioritise a few main tasks (be it 3 or 5 tasks) for the day and focus on these specifically. I also communicate with clients to manage their expectations regarding timelines.

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